Veken Group invites you to join!

Talent Concept

Veken values great talents as the critical source of competitive advantage

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Career Development

Veken stands out as a desirable employer with reputation of culture, opportunities and benefits

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Veken invites you to join and share enduring prosperity together

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Talent Concept

At Veken, we believe that great talent is the source of competitive advantage. Truly talented professionals possess intrinsic value, both tangible and intangible, that their effect on the company extends far beyond individual job performance.

We value those team members who preserve the company vision and mission, be mindful for rules and responsibilities, and raise productivity and creativity.

Veken EmphasizesWe care about and respect our employees as individuals, supporting their needs, cultivating their potentials, and enabling them to achieve their goals in work.

Talent Development

Recruiting Principle

With reputation for culture, opportunities and benefits, Veken stands out as a desirable employer in attracting and retaining talents. Veken attaches great importance to moral character, talent, potential, education background and work experience. Veken believes that placing empowered talents in the right role is critical to deliver value.

Training Programs

Veken has rotation, training and personalized mentoring programs to develop the potential of new employees. We encourage sharing of experience and knowledge to enhance team performance.

Utilizing character and performance evaluations, we help our employees through planning, training and working processes.

Evaluation Principle

Veken matches the right person to the right role pursuant to trait-based models and employee's character and performance evaluations, to ensure that individual's abilities and personality traits match position requirements.

Veken values both moral character and talent, while placing priority on moral character over talent.

Retaining Principle

Veken promotes a culture of self-discipline and self-motivation, and fully respects the value of each team member. Veken sets up a variety of awards and bonus programs to reward valuable team members who have made outstanding contributions.

Veken will guild you to brilliant future and is the place where dreams come true. Come join us and achieve enduring prosperity together.

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